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About us

The company for foreign and domestic trade and the provision of services LABOVIĆ LLC was founded in early 1992. Ever since then we have marched towards our goals motivated by ambition, by continuous improvement and by responsibility towards each and every one of our clients. Every year, we achieve evident successes and progress, recognized by the official institutions, of which we received AA + ratings this year. According to the renowned rating company from London, Company Wall (2017, 2018), we are officially among 8% of the best Serbian companies in terms of growth and development over the course of several years. At the head of our team stands the Director who graduated in Economics in Paris, France, in the English language. The accounting of our company has been adapted to the International Businesses regulations and it combines Western-world business expertise with the expertise in domestic regulations – the combination that represents a particularity of our company.

We have extensive experience in cooperating with foreign companies and we provide support to our clients all the way from initial investment and establishment of the company, through the provision of documentation for loans from banks, to the keeping of business books for small and medium enterprises. Moreover, STANA LABOVIĆ, our financial expert, and consultant, has been awarded The Medal of Labor for achievements in the field of finance by the Decree of the President of the Republics Office . As the director of investments, she has cooperated with the Executive Credit Committees of large banks on more than a hundred projects in fields of economy and industry. She is a long-term accountant and a consultant for investment in private companies. Members of our team have also got numerous certificates, awards, and recognitions for their expertise in the fields of finance, development of Advertising Plans, Market Research Plans and bookkeeping. Not only are they experts in their fields and thus familiar with the current laws and opportunities on the domestic and on the world's market, but are as well distinguished by their kindness, speed, and precision.

Wide span of services

Our goal is to, in one place, provide a company with everything that may be necessary for successful operating right from the very beginning.We have the professional capacities to successfully meet all the requirements of domestic and foreign clients and companies of all sizes: from micro-enterprises, small and medium-sized companies to major international companies. The services we provide are:

  • Market research and development of the plan
  • Accounting services for different activities
  • Development of business plans and plans for lending
  • Establishment of advertising plans
  • Managing Risks in Business

A business you can rely on

We understand the needs of our clients, especially when they are just starting their business. That's why we do everything to make the things easier for them and to provide them with a quality service at a price they can afford. Many of our services are provided free of charges, such as company registration, bookkeeping of the first month, and registration and cancellation of the workers. Modernization and digitalization of the business save time and money and that’s why our bookkeeping is almost completely automated and electronically connected with the Tax Administration and banks.

We have a diverse network of associates and people of trust in every important state institution. In addition to classic bookkeeping services, we provide our clients with professional financial, tax and marketing consulting. No matter what type of activity you are engaged in, whether you are a large company or a beginner in your business, be sure that by hiring our accounting agency you will get the best service for the best prices.

Accounting services

Dedication to each of our clients

If you need an accountant who knows how to cut your costs, how to increase your earnings and how to ensure that your business runs undisturbed, contact our bookkeeping agency. With over two decades of experience, we guarantee maximum quality bookkeeping services at the best prices. We keep track of regulations every day, we know the details of all the relevant laws and we will enable you to constantly improve and expand your business. Thanks to our support you will be calm, relaxed and confident before every inspection.

For those clients that are just starting their business, we are doing all the work related to the establishment of the company completely for FREE, as well as the tasks of registering and unsubscribing employees. We keep our business books neat, detailed and professional. We dedicate ourselves to each of our clients without exception. Our accounting is fully automated. Communication with the Tax Administration, banks and other competent authorities is done electronically.

Market research

Before starting a business, it is very important to do a thorough and professional market research. Market research implies getting to know all the potentials, requirements and needs of the market, and applying the recommended strategies and steps. The primary goal of market research is to first determine the objective state and then to make a plan on how to use it in the most appropriate way and thus take a leadership position with as little cost as possible. For more than two decades, Labović LLC has been engaged in bookkeeping and administrative services, as well as in market research. Our team consists of experienced and award-winning finance experts who have acquired their knowledge and practical skills in eminent European educational centers and by participating in major international projects. If you are starting a business or want to introduce a new product or service, we offer you personalized market research services, the development of a research plan and the Presentation Interactive © with slides that are covered by the Copyright Act. Market monitoring contributes to a better and more successful performance of the company on the market, improvement of production and sales strategies, and customization of services and products to the needs of customers. Contact us and our expert team will use all of their knowledge and skills to explore the situation on the market in a detailed and objective manner. This will help you take the leading position faster and with minimal expenses and thus join the circle of the most successful companies.

Creating a business plan for lending

When it comes to approving long-term investment loans, banks require, along with other necessary documentation, for a company to submit a business plan that would present the most important elements of the specific investment project and the way in which they will be implemented. A business plan is a document that in one place provides the relevant information about the business of one company, as well as the company's perspectives and its development potential. The form of the business plan depends on the type of business the company deals with and on the size of the company itself. What interests a business bank most is how it can recover the money invested. Therefore, when preparing a business plan for the purpose of submitting a credit claim, the focus should be on the cost-effectiveness of the project, in terms of financial projections that will confirm the justification of the investment.

Business plans for all types of companies

For more than two decades, the Labović Agency has been successfully engaged in bookkeeping services, market research and the production of business and advertising plans for companies of various activities and sizes. We have all the professional capacities for developing business plans for crediting at domestic and foreign banks, for all types of companies - from those micro- to large multinational companies. As a result, we are distinguished by an extremely high percentage of the approved loans based on business plans that we have developed for our clients.

If you need a business loan plan for commercial banks that will bring you the necessary funds for your company, contact us and provide yourself with the necessary capital to upgrade the existing or start a new business.

Making an advertising plan

In a severe market competition, no company can make significant progress without a well-designed advertising campaign. This includes the development of the Advertising Plan, the precise targeting of the user group and media analysis, as well as the design of a creative, advertising strategy that follows the needs of consumers. Moreover, for the effects of advertising to be visible through an increase of the company's revenue as soon as possible, products and services must find the way to their consumers in the fastest and most economical way. This is achieved by the detailed planning of each advertising step. The entire advertising strategy consists of three key steps. First, it is necessary to define the goals of the advertising campaign as well as the available budget framework. Then, it is necessary to carry out the preparation of the Advertising Plan. Finally, there comes the design of a good advertisement that will appeal to the target group and the choice of an appropriate company for the production of advertisements and advertising material. Media advertising is financially demanding and only with a good plan can savings be achieved while maximizing the effects of the advertising campaign through the proper selection of the target market. If you need a high-quality advertising plan that brings the results quickly, hire our experts. The vast experience and knowledge confirmed by numerous awards guarantee that your products and services will be sought on the market and outstanding in relation to the competition.